Our Ideal Client

I am their ideal financial professional because:

  • I care more about my clients and their assets than anyone who doesn't share their last name.
  • I prepare an asset allocation for our clients aimed at achieving the best rate of return given my clients' risk tolerance.
  • I work with my clients' tax and legal advisors to help pursue their financial goals.
  • I proactively keep in touch with my clients.
  • I like to be consulted on any important financial decision.

I seek to work with individuals who are:

  • Comfortable with goals, targets, and a commitment to achieve
  • Financial delegators seeking professional guidance or asset management
  • Recently retired or in need of an IRA/employer plan rollover
  • Recipients of an unexpected windfall
  • More conceptual than analytical
  • Planning on investing enough money to be able to enjoy their retirement
  • Realistic about financial goals
  • Fun to work with and generally happy
  • Knowledgeable of the markets' ups and downs
  • Interested in additional wealth accumulation and preservation


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